‘2 Broke Girls’ Recap: ‘And the Big Hole’

By May Chan,
Han fires Caroline from the diner.

Caroline wakes up to the noise of Oleg and Sophie having sex upstairs. Caroline complains that Max couldn’t possibly sleep through that ruckus. Max emerges out of her room with sponges covering her ears and liquor to drown out the noise.

When Caroline comes in late to the diner because she didn’t get enough sleep the night before, Han lectures her about it and even goes as far as calling the cupcake business a failure. A disheartened and angry Caroline calls Han’s diner dumb, and in turn, Han fires her.

The moment Max walks in the door Caroline complains to Max about Han firing her. Caroline had been standing in the doorway until Max got home to rant. Max tells her roommate that Han will only allow her to work for him again if she apologizes to him.

The lovebirds upstairs are at it again, but this time a bowling ball falls down from the hole. Max with oven mittens goes to return the bowling ball to Sophie and Oleg.

When Max and Caroline interrupt the couple, Sophie and Oleg are role-playing as Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Caroline questions why the couple won’t conduct their affairs at Oleg’s house.

The moment that idea floats around Oleg discreetly invites Caroline over to spruce up the place for Sophie. In return, Caroline asks to be paid because she was recently fired.

Caroline assumes that a few throw pillows will do the trick in bettering Oleg’s place, but she was dead wrong. The bachelor pad contains a sex doll named Alexis, a waterbed surrounded by Soul Train lights, and a sex swing. Romantic indeed.

Caroline sends Oleg to retrieve some bleach, and decides to get a better view of Oleg’s apartment by letting some light in. Caroline in her high heels stands atop Oleg’s waterbed to push away the curtains only to puncture the bed squirting water everywhere.

Meanwhile, at the diner Han has already gotten Caroline’s position lined up with potential replacements.

Max shoos one away claiming that Han had broken her femurs. The waitress tells Han she likes this new Han, but likes him enough to want to hang out with him?

A jubilant Han accepts Max’s invitation to watch a movie at her place, but Max has an ulterior motive. She invites Han to Oleg’s place instead, but when she walks into Oleg’s place and assumes that it would look like something out of an UFO parade, she’s surprised that it looks like something out of a Jane Austen novel.

Han even makes a jibe that he had pictured Max’s apartment to contain blades of some sort.

Caroline walks out of a room and is surprised to see Han. Then, Oleg comes inside in horror. What happened to his Fifty Shades of Grey apartment? It’s more like fifty shades of beige!

When Oleg hears Sophie coming, he orders Caroline, Max, and Han to hide in the closet. You can’t tell Han to go in the closet, Max says.

Sophie comes in and does not like the girly apartment. Inside the closet, Max’s hair is caught in some type of zipper, while Alexis the doll has met Han. Match made in heaven perhaps?

The jig is up. The trio comes out of the closet. Oleg confesses to Sophie he loves her, and while the feeling isn’t exactly mutual, Sophie expresses her desire for Oleg to be his usual dirty self.

Caroline just wanted to make the apartment look nice, and Han acknowledges Caroline’s special touch in the tasks that she does. Han rehires the waitress. Caroline, Max, and Han rush out of Oleg’s place to give the couple their much-needed space.

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Photos courtesy of CBS.



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