7 Reasons Why ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Should Just End After Season 8

By Lena Finkel,
A letter to the hit show 'HIMYM' explaining why it should just end already

Dear How I Met Your Mother,

The show has had eight hilarious seasons, longer than most shows ever hope to get. Although the series has had numerous memorable moments (who could get forget the infamous Slap Bet or Robin Sparkles “Let’s Go to The Mall?”), when a ninth season was announced, there’s a large part of me that can’t help but think, “just end already!” And here’s why…

7. Ted has already dated everyone in New York…twice!

At this point, Ted has dated nearly every viable option in New York, including a few people twice (here’s looking at you Victoria and girl he went on a blind date with). And how many times has he dated Robin now?

6. Neil Patrick Harris needs to take care of his babies.

Although I love watching Neil every Monday night, he should also have time to spend with his adorable twins Gideon and Harper! The babies are almost three now (can you believe it?) and the proud papa should get some time in before they’re all grown-up!

5. HIMYM should try to end on a high note.

How many shows do we know that just went on way too long (hello, Two and a Half Men and The Office). Does How I Met Your Mother really want to join that list?

4. We can’t watch any more Robin Sparkles.

The first Robin Sparkles video was hilarious! “Let’s Go to The Mall” was completely unexpected and little bit ingenious. The second video “Sand Castles in the Sand” was significantly less funny (although I do appreciate that it ended in a Barney/Robin hook-up). Since then, the Robin Sparkles bit has just continued to go down hill. Just give it a rest already!

3. We want Jason Segel to do more movies.

Jason Segel has inarguably become one of the funniest actors around. I mean, who couldn’t help but laugh at the Dracula musical in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Leaving HIMYM would certainly free up the young actor to bring us more of what we love: Jason on the big screen!

2. Whoever the mother is, we will inevitably be disappointed.

At this point, the show has built up so much hype and anticipation around the mother’s identity, how could she ever live up to our expectations?

1. We just want to know already!

Enough of these clues with the yellow umbrella and the bass guitar! Just put us out of our misery and tell us already!

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