Alec Baldwin talks being around pregnant wife Hilaria Thomas with David Letterman (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin is taking in fatherhood for the second time in nearly 18 years. Already a father to 17-year-old Ireland, Baldwin discussed the difference in being an expectant father, for the second time around, in a recent interview with David Letterman.

People reports the actor sat down with Letterman where he opened up about pregnant wife, Hilaria Thomas. The two announced they are expecting just four weeks ago.

“Being around a woman when she’s pregnant and I’m older now — quite a bit older, actually — it’s just really … it’s amazing,” he explained laughing.“Like my wife, the pregnant woman, the hormonally-charged woman if you will – uh, it’s thrilling. It’s a thrilling thing to observe.”

Thomas, a hardcore Yoga instructor, is known for her svelte, fit body so Baldwin explained to Letterman that he’s had conversations with his newly, pregnant wife about staying healthy for herself and their unborn child. Luckily, Thomas tends to crave fruit so her husband opts to keep his wife happy by stocking the fridge with fresh fruits.

“There’s a container of pineapple that will probably serve four people. I put it on the counter [and] I go, ‘If you want some pineapple, here it is,’” he notes. “I go to the other room, I plug my phone in to charge it [and] sure enough I walk back — three quarters of the pineapple is gone and she’s like, ‘I was very hungry.’”

Check out Baldwin’s interview with Letterman in the video below.



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