'Amazing Race' Recap: "Be Safe and Don't Hit a Cow"

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams Encounter Problems in Africa

Jennifer and Caroline encountered trouble on their way to the first destination, getting a speeding ticket, which they then had to pay, taking their 4th place finish last leg and moving them back down to the bottom of the pack. Max and Katie received a speeding ticket from the same cop later on. Max and Katie also had trouble leaving the police station, when they backed their car into a pole. Meghan and Joey encountered trouble finding the roadblock in the first place, winding up actually behind Max and Katie.

At their first destination, teams encountered both a roadblock and the Fast Forward. Bates and Anthony decided to attempt the Fast Forward, where they would both have to waterski for over a mile in crocodile-infested waters. They succeeded, and made their way directly to the Pit Stop at the Royal Tree Lodge. After checking in, they were awarded with $7,500 each.

Pam and Winnie arrived second, and decided to do the roadblock, where they would have to transport 2 goats upstream in an old boat, deposit them into a goat pen, and then travel back downstream. All other teams chose the same, not risking wasting time on a task they wouldn’t necessarily receive an award on. The task proved extremely difficult for all. Afterwards, teams had to then go to the Pit Stop location, where they would receive their next clue.
After finally arriving at the roadblock, max and Katie encountered their speed bump, where they had to participate in a ceremonial dance.

At the Lodge, teams encountered a detour. In Brains, they had to go on a horseback safari to find 10 animal cut-outs and use memory to place tiles of the animals they saw in order. Chuck and Wynona chose this, and Pam and Winnie switched to it after initially choosing “Brawn.” In “Brawn,” teams had to load up a cart with stacks of wood and use a carrot dangling in front of donkeys, drag the wood ½ a mile. Jen and Caroline and Mona and Beth chose this. Caroline and Jennifer, Mona and Beth, and Chuck and Wynona all succeeded with their Detours, but Pam and Winnie ran into trouble again after switching to Brain. After failing at it twice, they switched back to Brawn. After completing the Detour, teams made their way to the Pit Stop. Joey and Megan and Max and Katie chose Brawn when they arrived at the Detour.

Mona and Beth checked in second, followed immediately behind by Jennifer and Caroline. Chuck and Wynona checked in fourth. In a major foot race throughout the whole leg, Joey and Meghan checked in fifth, with Max and Katie directly behind them. After all of their troubles this leg, Pam and Winnie were last, and were eliminated.

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