'Amazing Race' Recap: 'Like James Bond Again'

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams make their way from Bora Bora to New Zealand

As the third leg of the race started to get underway, the question on everyone’s mind was whether or not father-son team Dave and Connor were going to be continuing after Dave ruptured his Achilles in a race to the mat during last week’s episode.

Teams made their way to Christchurch New Zealand, host Phil Koeghan’s hometown, and the Rakai River Gorge. It was revealed here that John and Jessica would honor the promise they made in the first episode, and gave the Express Pass to Dave and Connor.

While in Tahiti for a layover, Dave and Connor went to see a specialist at the hospital, where their worst fears were confirmed — his Achilles tendon was torn, as well as the muscle attached to it. All teams caught up at the airport in Tahiti, and it was a race to the first flights out of Auckland to Christchurch. While all other teams made it onto flights leaving between 5:00-6:00 p.m., Chuck and Wynona did not get on a flight until 7:30 p.m.

At the gorge, teams had to reserve a spot to take a het boat up the river to receive their next clue. Dave and Connor got there first against all odds. Because of hours that the boats were available, the entire playing field was thoroughly evened up again.

At the Detour, teams could choose between "Rev it up" or "Reel it in." In "Rev it up," for which nearly all teams opted, each team member had to drive a vintage car through a set of cones in a combined time of 83 seconds or less. In "Reel it in," which Dave and Connor, due to Dave's new inability to drive a clutch, and Chuck and Wynona chose, each had to catch a fish at least 12" in length.

Because fishing was slow-going, Dave and Connor chose to use their Express Pass now because they don't know if they'll get another chance with Dave's injury, which propelled them back into first. Jessica and John, Joey and Meghan and Mona and Beth followed closely behind after all finishing Rev it Up quickly, and all four teams made their way to Mt. Hutt Station for their next clue. Bates and Anthony, Max and Katie, Pam and Winnie, Chuck and Wynona and Caroline and Jennifer were all close behind.

At Mount Hutt Station, teams encountered a Road Block known as a "Shemozzle" Race. Here, one team member had to complete an Obstacle course which included getting covered in molasses and feathers while collecting chicken eggs, in the hopes of delivering twelve unbroken eggs to a shepherd in order to receive their next clue.

After the road block, teams had to drive themselves to Terrace Downs, the location of the pit stop.

Dave and Connor finished first and made their way to the Pit Stop, hoping to reach their goal of winning the leg because there’s not necessarily a chance for them to do so again. They did manage to check in first against all odds, winning a trip for two to Bangkok. But there was a surprise — the race is still going. There is no rest, so they have to decide if they’ll keep going, or if they will end their race here so Dave can properly recover from his injury. And on that note, the leg was left with a “To be continued” note. Whether or not they will continue on, and how the other teams are faring, will be revealed next week.

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