Android is biggest target for malware at 79 percent

By Steven Mitchell,

Android phones aren’t just number one in phone sales, but they are also tops in malware threats.

According to BGR, a study was conducted by a security firm called F-Secure which found that the Google operating system for smartphones is the top target for hackers. In 2012, 79 percent of mobile malware was from Android smartphones.

The end of the year wasn’t a great time for the operating system as 94 percent of all malware threats came in the fourth quarter.

Malware threats on smartphones are still accumulating, reports AFP. The next closest operating system to get hacked is Symbian, which was dropped by Nokia, at 19 percent.

As reported in the F-Secure quarterly report, "Every quarter, malware authors bring forth new threat families and variants to lure more victims and to update on the existing ones."

Other mobile operating systems such as BlackBerry, Windows, and Apple’s iOS each accounted for less than 1 percent of malware threats.

"BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Mobile, they may see some threats popping up once in a while. But most likely, the threats are intended for multiple platforms," the F-Secure report noted.

Android’s malware threat rose from 66.7 percent last year to this year’s 79 percent.



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