Angelina Jolie wins plagiarism lawsuit over ‘In The Land of Blood And Honey’

By Daniel S Levine,

A federal judge has ruled that Angelina Jolie did not plagiarize a Croatian journalist’s book when she made her directorial debut, In The Land of Blood And Honey, which centers on a love affair in the middle of the Bosnian War.

Back in 2011, when Blood and Honey was first released, writer James Braddock alleged that Jolie had violated his copyright on his 2007 book The Soul Shattering. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Braddock claimed that producer Edin Sarkic read the book and it influenced the final version.

But, U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee disagreed, notes Starpulse. Gee noted that the book and the film include scenes of rape and escape, but Braddock can’t say that he “invented the concept of rape as a war crime,” the judge wrote. She added that these are concepts that people will often find in books and films about war experiences.

Blood and Honey is primarily a story of betrayal, revenge and tragedy with little or no hope, while Slamanje Duse focuses on family, love and strength,” Gee wrote in her decision.

“The Court’s tentative ruling was thorough and well reasoned,” Jolie’s attorney, Harrison Dossick, told THR. “We are hopeful the court will adopt it in full when the final order is issued.”



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