Another ‘Downton Abbey’ regular leaves the show

By Lena Finkel,

After Dan Stevens’s character, Mathew’s, shocking departure last season, Siobhan Finneran has decided to follow suit. Yes, that means that the sneaky and deceitful maid O’Brien will officially be leaving Downton Abbey.

“I’m not doing it anymore. O’Brien is a thoroughly despicable human being – that was great to play,” Finneran told The Mirror.

Finneran seemed quite attached to the character and had even created an entire back-story for the angry maid. She told The Huffington Post, “I've always carried around with me [the idea that] something has happened to her to make her be the nasty piece of work that she can be ... She's worked since she was probably 14 or 15 years old, and has basically sacrificed her entire life to somebody else, for the good of their life and their home - it's no wonder that she would get frustrated or angry about things.”

It has yet to be confirmed how O’Brien will be written out of the show, but fans will surely be surprised by her departure. Masterpiece confirmed the news to The Huffington Post.



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