Apple refuses to pay infringement lawsuit

By Brandon Lee Julian,
“You can’t be the only person on earth who ever invented anything.”

The Apple Corporation has been highly successful in every aspect of the technological world. However, the success of their products is not fully credited to Apple, and one company is suing Apple for patent-infringement.

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According to GigaOm, InterTrust Technologies Corporation, a company that develops, innovates and licenses software with the protection of Digital Rights Management (DRM), is suing Apple for breach of security software patent, holding that all products of Apple such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, iCloud, iTunes and all other Apple-related products and services use their security systems and contravene their patent rights without proper agreement.

Declining to comment or make a statement, Apple is refusing to settle the infraction.

The Wall Street Journal writes that InterTrust submitted a 44-page complaint stating that its patents are “fundamental to guarding systems against computer hackers” and protecting all virtual activity such as “electronic transactions and [the] transferring of protected digital content between multiple devices.” Specific details on what exactly InterTrust is demanding from Apple currently remains unknown to the public, however, if Microsoft’s 2004 patent-infringement lawsuit of $440 million in 2004 is any indication of the solemnity of the situation, Apple will surely take more than just a dent. The complaint further adds, “Apple’s decision to free-ride off Intertrust’s innovations has caused, and continues to cause, substantial harm to Intertrust,” as noted by the Washington Post.

InterTrust CEO Talal Shamoon said in a statement that, “Apple makes many great products that use Intertrust’s inventions. Our patents are foundational to modern Internet security and trusted computing, and result from years of internal research and development. We are proud of our record of peaceful and constructive licensing with industry leaders. We find it regrettable that we are forced to seek Court assistance to resolve this matter,” and, "I have a lot of respect for the company. I’ve been using their equipment for years. But you can’t be the only person on earth who ever invented anything,” according to CNN and the New York Times.

Apple currently utilizes 250 of InterTrust’s patents on all its devices and services.

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