'Archer' Recap: 'Coyote Lovely' (Video)

By Drew Barile,

'Coyote Lovely' was the eighth episode of Archer Season Four. The episode setting was the Mexican-American Border and the focus was Archer's attraction to a human trafficker he was suppose to capture.

The episode began with Archer in an elevated position above a roadway, armed with a Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper rifle. He was overlooking Lana and Cyril who were down under the road posing as tourist whose car broke down. The team was setting an ambush to capture a notorious smuggler, Moreno.

The scene then cuts forward in time, to a metallic furnished interrogation room, where Mallory was questing the maimed and bruised Lana Cyril duo. The two were explaining how the mission when awry. Then the seen cuts back to the events as they had unfolded so the view can watch what the two are explain to Mallory.

Archer, happy with his strategic position, was complaining about his boredom via headset to Lana and Cyril. They encouraged him to stay focused and Lana suggested that Archer has some type of disability perhaps a form of savant like autism. The plan was for Cyril and Lana to flag down Moreno and for Archer to shoot out the engine block of the vehicle in order to capture the outlaw. After some bickering and insults a truck approached and the team executed the plan. The Hispanic male driver exited the vehicle and the team told him to freeze, calling him Moreno. However, the passenger got of the car, a beautiful woman, who revealed she was Moreno.

Archer, whose weakness is woman, tried to convince the team to let Moreno go. And perhaps in return, Moreno would perform fellatio on Archer. She was disinclined to acquiesce to the later part of his bargain. Regardless, Cyril and Lana attempted to refrain Archer, to their detriment. Cyril insulted by Archer, decided to punch him. Archer retaliated with a severe beat down of Cyril. Lana attempted to pull Archer off Cyril, and was elbowed in the face by Archer. Cyril then drew his gun on Archer. Archer, knowing Cyril was constantly afraid and a coward, would be wearing kevlar, and proceeded to shoot him in the chest with an entire clip.

Archer driving through Texas with Moreno in Cyril and Lana's station wagon encountered one thing after another. Moreno slightly touched by Archer's concern for her people, tolerated him. However, also thought he may have some mental condition, and rebuked him for not having a plan.

As Moreno was scolding Archer they caught the attention of two border patrol agents. An elderly woman, Lupe, fired upon the pursuers vehicle at the tires causing it to crash. Archer exited their vehicle to examine the scene, turned to scold Moreno and Lupe. As he turned his back to the crash the two agents rose and shot Archer in the back with the .357 Magnums, unloading 12 rounds. Moreno, touched by his injury began to be won over by Archer's charm. He hands her the empty tech 9 that he had, explaining that the patrol men had no more ammunition in their firearms, as he counted the shot in his back. Moreno is astonished with his ability to count the fired shots, questioned how he did such. Archer replied that he just can and remarked that he may have some scant like mental disability.

Moreno handcuffed the two agents together, intending to leave them. Archer and the Partol protest, and she agreed to take them with her. So now the illegal immigrants, Moreno, a severally injured Archer and the patrol men are in the station wagon. Archer is drinking out of a bottle of Tequila, trying to ease his pain. While he drank Lupe in spanish told him he ought not to as it bad considering his condition, and Archer is perfect spanish replied to her. Commenting further that she isn't a doctor. At ISIS headquarters Malory attempted to call Archer. He answered relaying that he was receiving medical care from and unlicensed veterinarian for gunshot wounds. However, Mallory hung up frustrated because she had thought it to be another of Archers elaborate and vexing voicemail messages.

Archer’s condition only became worse. So Moreno who was so moved by Archer's charm decided not to risk driving to a hospital. She decided that the border patrol men would call in a Med-Evac chopper and they would continue their escape. She threaten the patrol men to give a false description about their vehicle at gunpoint, which they agreed to do. she wrote Archer a note and kissed it.

Cut to Archer in the Med-Evac chopper being treated for his wounds. He was laughing from the morphine and because he had immunity from the border patrol agents. However the agents told Archer that Moreno the smuggler was really Mercedes Moreno’s mother Maria Moreno. Which was also included in Moreno's note to Archer. The note also detailed that it was set-up and they paid ISIS to follow her instead of her mother. Moreno explained that the person responsible of the lie was the person in their organization who loved money more that anything. Archer knew immediately that it was his mother. Then the scene cuts to Mallory counting Mexican dollars as she speaks on the phone.



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