Artist leaves Superman comic because of Orson Scott Card controversy

By Ricky Riley,

On Tuesday, comic artist Chris Sprouse left the Orson Scott Card-written comic that will appear in Adventures of Superman, which is hopefully coming out this spring.

Card is famous for the Ender’s Game series and serves as a board member of the National Organization for Marriage. However, he is more infamous for his comments about gays and gay marriage than anything. Comic book blogs like Comics Alliance and geek-friendly media such as Wired.com have posted their feelings about the departure of the artist. However, I see this event in a different way than most do.

This controversy shows how the public responds to creative people with conservative views. Card may be a great writer, but his personal ideology about marriage will prevent people from reading the work that he creates. In this day of 24/7 news reporting and never-ending social media interaction, every person has access to everyone and everything.

Sprouse knows that and he did not want to be scrutinized. Card has the right to believe in anything he chooses, however, his beliefs do not go hand and hand with Superman. Rather, Superman represents the outcasts of a society because he is the last of a dead world. He has a terrible time fitting in and has to overcome the loneliness of being different.

Superman is a symbol for gay people, outcasts, immigrants and anyone who feels like an outsider. The character should not be written by a person who shuns another group because of their sexual orientation. That is no different than being prejudiced against people of a different race, ethnicity, social class, or religion simply because they are different from you.

All over the internet and news networks, we have heard of anti-bullying policies to protect our children from people who may pick on them. How does hiring Card to write Superman (a character that protects the weak) help that cause?

DC Comics has made a crucial mistake in hiring him, and they are facing the backlash.



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