Ashley Benson reveals that Justin Bieber was not happy about her 'Boyfriend' parody video

By Danielle Fredette,

Actress Ashley Benson covers the April issue of Seventeen where she talks about her upcoming flick Spring Breakers and the drama surrounding the "Boyfriend" parody video she made with her co-star James Franco.

Back in January, Franco posted a video of himself and Benson lip synching Justin Bieber's hit song "Boyfriend," which he later deleted.

Now the 23-year old Pretty Little Liars actress has revealed to Seventeen that Bieber was not too happy when he saw the video. Benson previously dated Bieber's good friend and "swagger coach" Ryan Good, and in turn became friends with Bieber as well.

Benson states about the reaction to the video, "I haven't heard from Selena! People thought that I was being mean, but I was just doing what the girl did in the video. It wasn't a jab at her. But I heard from Justin. He wasn't happy. Justin is like my little brother since he and my ex are so close. Anytime you go through a breakup, the friends get defensive. But all is well in that area now," reports US Weekly.

Benson also opened up about her role in Spring Breakers alongside Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, stating, "We all came from a Disney background, and this was different from anything we've done. But we wanted to prove that we're not just girls who play happy parts. It was such a crazy experience and it was character-building. I'm so proud of all of us. I'm really, really excited for everybody to see it."

Benson is ready for the world to see that she is capable of serious acting and reveals that she hopes to one day receive an Oscar. "I love Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman -- those are the careers I want. My goal is to win an Oscar, and I'm going to take the steps to get there."

Catch Spring Breakers in theaters on March 22.

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