Autographed copy of Beatles 'Sgt.Pepper's' album auctioned off for $290,500

By Stephanie Kaplan,
A signed copy of the band's album broke selling price records

Signed merchandise from legendary and influential celebrities are always predicted to bring in big bucks at auctions, but this past Saturday a signed copy of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's album shattered any estimates people may have made.

According to Rolling Stone, the album, which was autographed by all four members, broke records and sold for an astonishing $290,500. The copy of the album was from 1967, the same year the album was released.

Thecelebritycafe.com reported earlier in the month that the album was estimated to make more than $30,000, but it seems even officials couldn't guess just how much the famous album would rank in.

The Hollywood Reporter shares that the early biddings started at $15,000 but skyrocketed up to $110,000 a week before the auction was even held.

The site also reported that Perry Cox, a self-titled Beatle expert stated, “With my being thoroughly immersed in Beatles collectibles for over 30 years, it takes something extraordinarily special to excite me, but I consider this to be one of the top two items of Beatles memorabilia I've ever seen — the other being a signed copy of Meet The Beatles."

The copy that Cox was referencing was sold for $150,000, which held the record before this most recent Sgt. Pepper's album went up for sale. It was stated that an anonymous bidder from the mid-west was the lucky winner at the Dallas-based Heritage Auctions.

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