Barbara Walters to address rumors on Monday's edition of 'The View'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Barbara Walters is ready to address the handful of rumors which surfaced late last week following The View alum, Joy Behar’s announcement that after nearly 17 years she would not return as host.

Following Behar’s announcement, Us Weekly reported that strong-minded Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck would not be asked to return as she was a turn off to the audience. Despite a spokesperson for the talk show stating that Hasselbeck is not leaving, more reports continued to surface saying otherwise.

To add to the ever expanding rumors surrounding the show, Showbizz 411 reports that actress Brooke Shields is slated to replace one of the two reported empty seats.

As Huffington Post notes, Sheilds was one cohost who appeared on the set while Walters was out with the chicken pox last month.

The rumors will be put to bed Monday morning when Walters addresses the rumors and informs viewers exactly who is staying and who is going.



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