Barbara Walters denies that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving 'The View'

By Christopher Rosa,

Is veteran co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving The View after this season? Well, it’s complicated.

We reported earlier, Hasselbeck would be leaving the show. However, US Weekly reports Barbara Walters denounced reports Hasselbeck is departing.

Walters said, "There is a particularly false story getting picked up about Elisabeth's alleged departure, saying that we don't approve of her conservative views. The truth is, we love Elisabeth. I like her personally and she's just a wonderful person. But beyond that we value and appreciate her point of view. It's important to us because Elisabeth helps give this show perspective and balance."

However, it is not that black and white. US Weekly continues to report that Walters’s statement is an attempt to “save face” for the show. Even though execs may want Hasselbeck gone, they want viewers to think she chose to leave on her own terms.

One source told US Weekly they are, “just leaving the door open for Elisabeth to announce she is leaving on her own when she is ready…They don't want to make her look bad and don't want to make the show look bad for canning her...They just want to make it seem like Elisabeth decided to leave on her own when the announcement comes.”

Hasselbeck has been known to ruffle some feathers, as she is the only judge on the panel with extremely conservative views. In 2007 Hasselbeck got into a shouting match with Rosie O’Donnell over the War on Terror, causing O’Donnell to leave the show.



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