Barbara Walters got the chicken pox from a "well-known actor"

By Danielle Fredette,

After taking a six-week break from The View due to a case of the chicken pox, Barbara Walters returned on Monday and spoke about her condition.

The 83-year old stated, "After a lot of scratching and rest, I am fine, and I am healthy." She went on to joke that she would "tell more than you ever wanted to know about my condition," reports omg!.

Walters told the audience that while she was in Miami on vacation, she hugged and kissed a "well-known actor" on New Years, who ended up having shingles. She did not state the name of the actor, but said she contracted the chicken pox from him.

She also spoke about the head injury she received in January after falling at the British ambassador's house in Washington, D.C. "The chicken pox came and went weeks ago -- the head injury has taken longer," reports omg!.

Mayor Bloomberg and Regis Philbin even appeared on the show to welcome Walters back with flowers, causing her to tear up. How sweet!

Photo courtesy of INFDaily



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