Barbara Walters sets record straight on Elisabeth Hasselbeck firing rumors on 'The View'

By Gina DiFalco,

Barbara Walters used The View as a platform to defend rumors swirling about the show, specifically about the supposed firing of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Walters first spoke about Joy Behar’s confirmed departure after 16 ½ years, telling the audience, and Behar, that she will miss her.

But she then switched gears to set the record straight about the rumors about Hasselbeck getting fired because viewers didn’t take to her conservative beliefs.

"The truth is we love Elisabeth. I like her personally, and she's a wonderful person,” Walters told viewers on Monday, NY Daily News reports. “But beyond that we value and appreciate her point of view, it's important to us, because Elisabeth helps give the show perspective and balance and believe me she's tougher than she looks."

She added, "Elisabeth has been here for a decade and takes what we give her. We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave the show.”

Walters, who recently returned to the show following a bout of chicken pox and recovering from an inauguration weekend fall, went on to say that anyone who wants to leave The View decides to do so on their own.

She maintained that they “have always said that when one of you make the choice to leave, that's your choice and we will support your decision."



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