Barbra Streisand to perform in Israel after her no-show five years ago

By Lena Finkel,

In honor of the Israeli President Shimon Peres’ 90th birthday, Barbra Streisand will make her debut performance in the Jewish homeland.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the President requested Streisand’s presence at the fifth annual Israeli Presidential Conference, at which she will perform for about 40,000 guests over two performances. The conference is set to take place June 18-20 in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

Apparently, Streisand was supposed to perform at the same conference five years ago, but The Huffington Post reports that she never showed up. She ended up telling the Israeli government that she had “personal obligations” and would no longer attend.

Other attendees of the conference include former Soviet Union President Michael Gorbachev, former President Bill Clinton, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The news of the singer’s upcoming performance was announced by an anonymous government official and is unconfirmed by Streisand’s representatives.

A public relations representative for the event told Haaretz, “We are hopeful that she will come but until she sings, we don’t want to give out any misleading information.”

Do you think Streisand will show up this time?

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