Ben Affleck did not kick paparazzi, despite claims to the contrary

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Oscar winner Ben Affleck is combatting rumors that he physically assaulted a paparazzi by kicking him for getting too close to Affleck's 4-year-old daughter Seraphina.

Gossip Cop notes that the false reports surfaced after a large crowd of paparazzi swarmed the actor and daughter Seraphina while the two were out.

Sources explained to both Gossip Cop and TMZ that Affleck was holding his little girl, and when she began crying in fear, the Argo director swung out his leg demonstrating how much personal space the photographers should be giving him.

He did not kick any of the paparazzi at the scene.

A source explains to Us Weekly, “They were really swarming his daughter and yelling at her -- yelling at a 4-year-old.” The source continues, "It's terrible...This is a 4-year-old we're talking about. This is a preschooler on her way to school, not a star outside a nightclub."

Additionally, sources explain that Affleck believes the paparazzi have been getting more aggressive towards him and his family lately, which is the reason why he finally took a stand.



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