Beyonce talks about summer release of her animated film debut

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
She says she loves her character in her promotional piece for the movie.

Beyonce Knowles is heading into new territory with her debut as an animated character, where she will play Queen Tara in the new 3D movie Epic, set to be released for this year’s summer season.

It was a bit of a promotional bit, but she talked about how excited she is to be playing an animated character for the first time.

Knowles’ other film credits include Goldmember, Dream Girls and Cadillac Records, among others-- all very successful.

“I’ve always imagined being in an animated film. I’ve always wanted to be a queen,” she said in a new video release about the kid-friendly movie due out in late May, according to Thisisrnb.com.

Digital Spy reports Beyonce stars alongside a peculiar mix of talented cast members like Steven Tyler, Colin Farrell, Sandra Seyfried and Christoph Waltz. The computer generated Epic is described as a good vs. evil story that takes place deep in the forest with all kinds of strange talking creatures.



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