Bo Obama sniffs around the White House lawn, preparing for White House Easter Egg roll (Video)

By Stephanie Kaplan,
The Obama's adorable dog was filmed walking around alongside Easter decorations

Bo Obama, the residential canine of the White House, got a head start for the White House Easter Egg roll. A cute video of the dog walking around the lawn of the property was published, advertising the 135th egg hunt event.

According to People, the event which takes place once a year occurs on the South Lawn in D.C.

In the short video, the world's most pampered pooch is seen walking out from the White House and begins to wander around the green grass. Bo walks around fountains and trees as he notices the brightly colored toy eggs. He eventually arrives at what seems to be a vegetable garden and sits down next to his own egg, which is imprinted with his name and a blue paw print.

The Washington Post reports the White House's official YouTube page posted the Easter-themed clip. The description reads, “Follow the youngest member of the Obama family in his search for official 2013 White House Easter Eggs on the South Lawn.”

The Obama's dog is four years old and is a Portuguese Water Dog. The “First Dog” moved into the White House on April 14, 2009.



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