Bolshoi Ballet director vows he will return to work after acid attack

By Daniel S Levine,

In January the Bolshoi Ballet artistic director Sergei Filin was assaulted with assaulted with acid outside of his apartment, but has recently vowed to return to Russia’s prestigious ballet troupe. His doctors say that he should recover enough sight to be able to go back to work.

Filin was attacked on the night of Jan. 17. Lead dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko reportedly confessed to ordering the attack and could face up to 12 years in prison. The men who carried out the attack were also arrested.

For the first time since the arrests, Filin met with the press Friday in Aachen, Germany, wearing dark glasses, a scarf and a black hat, reported Reuters. He had undergone surgery in Germany.

“I have plenty of strength and I have the confidence and desire to get back what was wrongly taken from me,” Filin said in Russian. “I will do everything, and the doctors who work with me, they will do everything possible too, so I think together we will get great results.”

He vowed, “When I can see everything again, I will have no fear and I would like to work again just as I did before. Without fear, without anxiety.”

According to CBC News, surgeon Martin Hermel said that Filin’s left eye is improving, while his right eye suffered more severe damage.

“We can say that we hope that Mr. Filin will recover to a useable vision that will allow him to go back to his normal life and his professional life,” Hermel said.

Hermel stressed that Filin still has a way to go in the recovery process and that his skin will show permanent scars.

In Moscow, the motive for the attack is still being debated, but Dmitrichenko was reportedly upset that his ballet partner didn’t get a major role in Swan Lake. President Vladimir Putin commented that the attack should not tarnish the Bolshoi’s world-renowned reputation.



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