Brandi Glanville tells Chelsea Handler to 'suck it' after 'Watch What Happens Live' appearance

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Brandi Glanville is taking a break from her war with LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian and moving on to the Chelsea Lately host, Chelsea Handler, telling the E! host to “suck it” following the comedian’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

According to Us Weekly, the 40-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starlet is heated over Handler’s appearance on WWHL with Andy Cohen, when Handler slammed the Bravo series, saying, “I think that franchise is kind of a terrible thing. Women shouldn't be making money off of the fact that they have fake boobs, and a fake vagina, and a fake whatever. I actually don't support that."

The “fake vagina” Handler pointed out appears to be in reference to Glanville’s admission that she paid for vaginal rejuvenation surgery following her divorce from Cibrian.

Glanville did not take the interview lying down, in fact she used her appearance on Watch What Happens Live to verbally retaliate the comedian.

“She was horrible, she wasn't funny, it was completely awkward,” Glanville fired back during Monday evening's episode. "Chelsea, suck it!"

If that wasn’t enough, the reality star went a few steps further to reveal just a little too much information. "We know each other, we have the same gaygent…I made out with her lesbian friend and her assistant and her brother, so she hates me,” she informed.

Still, she didn’t stop there. The Twitter-prone reality star had to get one last dig in, this time on Twitter, writing, “I think Chelsea Handler is funny most of the time, she sucked on WWHL and talked mad shit about the housewives on the after show. That's it.”



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