British TV reporter gets detained in China while still broadcasting live (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Sky News viewers got a unique look at the inner workings of Chinese police, but none of it was planned. Correspondent Mark Stone and his cameraman had been broadcasting from Tiananmen Square, but were detained by police. They left the camera running and continued to take viewers through the process.

During the broadcast, Stone says that he believes police didn’t like what he was saying about the 1989 protests, which is why they took him and his crew into custody. Stone explained to Sky News that the police must have thought that he was filming the process for later, but he was actually broadcasting live to London.

He did say that police were civil, and he even thanked a police officer for holding the door open for him, notes The Huffington Post.

“This is a slightly surreal situation, I have to say,” anchor Anna Jones said back in London, reports The Associated Press.

“I should say this is surreal for us as well,” Stone replied.

Sky News reports that Stone was there to cover China’s transition of power to it's new president and prime minister. He was told that he didn’t have his passport on him and they weren’t showing their press passes.

Stone was held for four hours and has returned to Sky News’ Beijing office.



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