Brooke Mueller threatening to sue anyone who publishes leaked nude photographs of her

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller is the most recent celeb to fall victim to leaked nude photos and is quickly trying to stop any possibility of the photos being published.

TMZ reports that the photos were taken a long time ago for her ex-boyfriend, a Jewish country singer. Mueller believes the racy pics were leaked by her former assistant and is threatening a hefty lawsuit on anyone who attempts to publish them.

TMZ notes that the photos are definitely real and are quite unflattering, saying that they were taken when she got out of the shower and do not show off a flattering angle of the former socialite.

A spokesperson for Mueller tells Daily Mail, “Right now, we don't even know if any photos exist, let alone if they are of Brooke.”

Continuing, the spokesperson notes, “If a former assistant did illegally obtain personal photos, she would be violating her non-disclosure agreement and placing herself and any media outlet that runs them in serious legal jeopardy.”



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