Car crash kills expectant couple, but their baby lives

By Bonnie Ping,
It is a bittersweet story

Raizy and Nathan Glauber, both 21, will never get to hold their newborn baby boy because they died in a car crash on the way to the hospital. The little boy was born in the hospital after his mother had already been pronounced dead on arrival.

The New York Times reports that the couple was on the way to the hospital because Raizy was worried about her baby when their cab was struck on the driver-side by a BMW.

The driver and passenger of the BMW, neither of which owned the vehicle, fled the scene immediately after the crash. The police are looking for them and the driver will be charged with fleeing the scene of an accident.

The driver of the cab, Pedro Nuñez Delacruz, 32, survived the crash. His application to use his car as a cab was still pending, so there should not have been any passengers in the vehicle. Mr. Delacruz has not commented on this fact.

Associated Press reports that the little boy is listed in serious condition. His mother was only 24 weeks along at the time of her death. His family will name him after his father.



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