Celebrity Tweets: Friday, March 22

By April Chieffo,

It’s the start of the weekend, and maybe even the start of spring break for some. These are celebrity tweets from Friday, March 22:

Jennifer Carpenter: Saw a man meditating on beach. Took everything I had not to run around him in circles screaming, "DO NOT LISTEN TO ME!! FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!"

Kim Kardashian: Am I the only one who thinks Amanda Bynes new make over is amazing!?!

Kelly Clarkson: I'm so excited people are digging my new single! It's my favorite song I've ever recorded .... Ever! #PeopleLikeUs

Bonnie McKee: Just started season 1 of Breaking Bad... Totally hooked. See you in like a month when I crawl out of my TV K hole


Miley Cyrus: What if the theme song to Hoarders was " & imma go hoarrrrd" A la Lil Wayne.

Kristen Bell: "People are really into the idea of pirates."- said thoughtfully, by @daxshepard1, while driving down ventura blvd.

Jessica Biel: Type the words "twerking in Walmart" into Google and then have a lovely Friday. You're welcome!

Amber Rose: Poo everywhere #aMomsLife :-)

Conan O’Brien: $3 million raised on Kickstarter for new Veronica Mars movie. Can a Conan movie be far behind? Yes.



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