Celebrity Tweets: Friday, March 29

By April Chieffo,

It’s that time again. It’s the start of the weekend. These are celebrity tweets from Friday, March 29:

Nicole Richie: Im not mad my kids spilled water all over my jeans, I'm mad they didnt get my t-shirt so I could've gotten some attention out of it!

Katy Perry: OCD does not help, When comping vocals. #muttlangeearssyndrome.


When doing dork dance and selfies- with weaves- it's Muy importante to make very serious and crazy looking faces.... Now you know.

Lady Gaga: So many bouquets, chocolates, cupcakes champagne and gifts I feel like a princess. Thank you for all your birthday wishes, I'm so lucky. :)

Miley Cyrus: woke today feeling so happy to be alive.

Cobie Smulders:

Justin Timberlake: It's friday and I ain't got $h*t to do! Sooo I placed 5 signed vinyls around the country! #staytuned #finderskeepers

Avril Lavigne:

Karmin: Recording an album is SO. MUCH. WORK. #LaborOfLove.

JWoww: Right before I accidentally slap josh in front of @MTV ... I was trying to learn a fake slap but did a real one ... Whoops lol

Nina Dobrev: Painting eggs w/ @paintaworld ,brothadobrev, @justinemajelan, @laylabee ,@mommys__girl12 #notafraidtogetdirty

WhoSay - Photo from Nina Dobrev

Photo courtesy of Nina Dobrev on WhoSay

Sarah Silverman: After literally a decades long hiatus, I turned on General Hospital & everyone's still there
#GHismyconstant #Lost

Chris Brown : "X" = 10... 10 years of me being an artist. 5-5-89 bday(5+5 is 10) 8.. 9.. 10.will be turning 24. "X" 24th letter in the alphabet.

Dane Cook: Model tweets:
I'm hungry.
I'm full.
I'm in love with a boy.
Boys suck.
Flying to Miami!
Back home!
Gym time!
Can't sleep!

Vanessa Lachey:



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