‘Chasing the Saturdays’ Recap: 'Keep Calm and Sats On'

By Catherine Silver,

The Saturdays returned to TV this week with an all new day and time. In episode seven of this season, the girls finish up their return home to London.

Una continues to struggle with her decision to stay in London with her injured husband Ben or return to the States with the Saturdays. While she explores the two possibilities, she distracts herself with Aoife Belle’s christening. Vanessa joins Una for an afternoon of shopping to pick out the perfect christening outfit for Aoife, a pure white bonnet and dress. Of course, all of the girls attend the christening in support of the baby Saturday. In the end, Una decides to invite Ben to the U.S. with her, so she can take care of him and he can continue to rehab his injury.

Rochelle and Marvin catch a case of baby fever after watching Aoife Belle get christened. While sharing a meal together, they talk about the possibility of starting their own family and dream about what that could be like in the future.

Frankie faces her depression when she learns about an opportunity to become an ambassador for Mind. Mind is a mental health organization in the U.K. The editor of Glamour magazine, Jo Elvin, encourages Frankie to become an ambassador and create awareness for young people struggling with depression. Frankie consults her sister and a Mind ambassador about the opportunity and voices her concerns about continuing to share her story. Eventually, Frankie concludes that becoming an ambassador for Mind will be a positive platform for her to make a difference and help people struggling with the same difficulties she faces.

Before leaving London, the girls make sure to spend some quality time with their fans in the U.K. The band thinks of their fans as friends, and they hold a calendar signing at a local record store in order to reconnect. Mollie ends up missing the signing due to illness, but the girls still show their fans some love before heading back to the U.S.



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