‘Chasing the Saturdays’ Recap: Sats and Tats

By Catherine Silver,

In this episode of Chasing the Saturdays, the girls return to Los Angeles and get right into the Halloween spirit. There’s lots of work to do, and the Sats continue to try and break into the American market.

The episode begins with a visit to a local pumpkin patch. Mollie is particularly excited to celebrate Halloween because it is a holiday that does not receive much attention back in the U.K. During their outing, Vanessa and Mollie jump at the chance to get competitive and go head to head in a race through a hay maze. Vanessa is victorious, despite Mollie’s best efforts to sneak her way to the finish line.

Una is thrilled to have her family back together and can’t wait to soak up the California sun with her husband Ben. The only problem is that the couple can’t seem to find any alone time between work and sharing a tiny apartment with Una’s mother. Auntie Mollie and Auntie Rochelle come to the rescue and offer to watch little Aoife Belle for a night so Una and Ben can spend some quality time together. While Rochelle’s maternal instincts kick in, Mollie can’t seem to find a way to make Aoife Belle smile.

Frankie also brings a little piece of home back to Los Angeles, her older sister Tor. The pair talk about all the exciting things to do in L.A. over a relaxing manicure. Tor finds the American yellow school buses particularly amusing. The mischievous sisters decide to get a matching tattoo to commemorate their trip. Even though they know that their father won’t approve, they visit Shamrock Tattoo and both get a symbol of love, the dove, on their ankles.

The Sats join together to find the perfect Halloween outfit for an upcoming Hollywood party. A member of their team, Adam, tries to help them find a sexy outfit for their debut, but the girls don’t find his marching band theme to be a good choice. A Sats fashion show breaks out and the girls parade around as Disney princesses, sailors, French maids, and more. In the end, they decide on a hot and sexy devil outfit paired with voluminous hair and dramatic makeup. The Sats make a bold statement as a band at the Maroon 5 Halloween bash, and like the words of their hit song, 'All Fired Up,' make the party super naughty!

image: NBC Universal/E!



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