‘Chasing the Saturdays’ Recap: Sats Forever

By Catherine Silver,

In the season finale of Chasing the Saturdays, the girls finish the remainder of their time in America and look forward to the future.

The Saturdays celebrate after finally scoring their first eve... on Twitpic

The episode opens with a meeting with manager Peter discussing Rochelle’s whereabouts since her possible pregnancy announcement. During the meeting, the Sats reminisce about their hard work so far and the results of their trip to the USA.

Over the pond, Rochelle and Marvin anxiously await the results of their pregnancy test. They have built themselves up to start a family and discuss how the birth of a baby will affect touring plans and their lives. The doctor finally reveals a positive result and the happy couple celebrates the news over dinner.

Back in L.A. the Sats relax with a game of ping pong until Rochelle walks in and gives them the news. Everyone joins in a group hug and express feelings of joy over the growing Sats family, except for manager Peter who remains quiet.

During this episode, the girls log more hours in the studio working on their new album. The Sats are grateful to work with Rodney Jerkins, who has worked with everyone in the music business from Britney Spears to Michael Jackson. Jerkins reveals that many artists have reached out to him about wanting the song "Lease on Love," and the girls must prove themselves to earn the track. After the recording session, the band crosses their fingers and hopes for the best.

The season finale of Chasing the Saturdays also featured some of the girls' biggest television appearances in America, including the Today Show. First, they appear on the Tonight Show, where they get news from Rodney Jenkins about getting the song for their album. The exciting news gets rid of their nerves and they get one more reason to celebrate.

Before returning home to London, the girls fly to New York for a hectic week of press and performances. The Sats get the chance to have a fan signing in New York and they are surprised by the large number of American fans. Some of the dedicated Team Sats members even flew from Los Angeles just to see the girls. Mollie reflects on feeling loved by the US fans and her dreams for world domination and success in America.

During some down time, Una and Rochelle get to have a one-on-one chat to discuss motherhood. Rochelle vents about feeling drained and worrying about manager Peter stressing out. Since Una broke her pregnancy news before a big tour, she is able to give Rochelle some good insight and quality advice.

The Sats' New York trip ends with a headlining performance at the Highline Ballroom. The show will be packed with fans, label executives, and advertisers, so the girls are pressured to perform perfectly. They kick off their show with a high energy performance of "Get Ready, Get Set." Unfortunately, when it's time to slow things down and sing "Issues," the track malfunctions. Luckily, the girls are used to acoustic performances and Una grabs a guitar to save the day. The show ends up being a major success and the US fans surprise the girls by singing all the words to the songs. After being pleased by her performance, Rochelle gains more confidence and she hopes she can prove to Peter that she can handle life as a pregnant Saturday.

So close to returning home to the UK, the Saturdays jet back to Los Angeles to end their trip. During a celebratory dinner, Peter gives Rochelle a little gift and shows her some support. The Sats reveal that America is their second home now and they discuss all of the amazing experiences the US has offered them. They have all endured tough times during their stay and they have gotten even closer as a band. It’s safe to say that the Saturdays are just at the start of something really good, and their success in the American market is just beginning.

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