Chris Brown brawls with a valet parking worker

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Chris Brown was involved in another brawl because, according to him, a valet parking worker was trying to scam him.

A close source linked to the singer told TMZ, that Brown was in California's PINZ bowling alley, attending a charity event, when a valet worker charged him $10 instead of $5. The source said that everybody was charged $5 for the service.

Brown believed he was made the odd man out because he was famous. He also said that it was not about the money but he got angry because of the principle.

Last month, Brown was involved in a parking lot brawl with Grammy-winning singer, Frank Ocean, USA Today reported.

The authorities went to the parking lot, after receiving a report about the fight, but found the scene clear.

Chris Brown was investigated by the L.A. County Police and reportedly "jumped" Ocean with two other men. Frank Ocean suffered from finger cuts.



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