Chris Brown grabs mic when Drake's song comes on at Hollywood club and disses him

By Gina DiFalco,

Chris Brown was continuing his streak of headline-grabbing antics this week when he blew up over having to pay $10 at a valet stand upon leaving a charity event, but he is yet again proving his staying power in the headlines as he dissed Drake at a Hollywood club Wednesday night.

The DJ at the Emerson Theatre started playing Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” when Brown jumped up and asked to use the mic. "The DJ can play this s--t, but I want you all to know, F--k Drake!” he yelled when he got the mic, giving the middle finger.

Witnesses tell E! News this happened around 1:30am, when Brown was sitting with his entourage at a center booth and made the scene.

After giving the finger, he had the DJ stop Drake’s song altogether and performed an impromptu concert for the club, performing "As You Were,” then "Turn Up the Music,” “Beautiful People” and five more songs after that. Reggie Bush even got up on stage at one point and acted as his hype man.

As we’ve reported, Brown and Drake’s entourages got into a brawl last June at a New York City nightclub, and the fight was reportedly over Brown’s on-again girlfriend Rihanna.



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