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By TheCelebrityCafe.com,

I like the look and smell of live plants in my house. Unfortunately, I don't have a green thumb to keep them alive. Thanks to Click & Grow I can now enjoy real plants and herbs grown in my home with little knowledge required.

Click & Grow is an easy-to-use electronic smart pot that automatically waters and fertilizes your plants. Even if you know nothing about gardening, Click & Grow lets you grow flowers and herbs in your very own home.

One of the more puzzling parts of gardening has always been determining how much water and fertilizer different plants need. Click & Grow takes the guesswork out of gardening. It measures the exact amounts of water, fertilizer and air your plants need to grow healthy and strong.

Click & Grow has just two parts: the flowerpot and the plant cartridge. The flowerpot comes equipped with the electronics, sensors, pump and water reservoir necessary to maintain your plant's life. The plant cartridge contains the seeds, nutrients and special software to assist with growing. And when your plant's natural life cycle ultimately comes to its end, you just simply switch out the cartridge just as you would with your printer's toner. The only thing you need to do is insert 4 AA batteries, put the flowerpot in a sunny spot and fill the reservoir with water. Click & Grow handles the rest.

There are 13 different plant and herb cartridges from aromatic basil and corriander to tasty mini tomatoes and chili peppers to colorful French Marigold and Painted Nettle.

Find out more at http://www.clickandgrow.com/.



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