'The Client List' star Jennifer Love Hewitt jokes that her breasts are insurable for $5 million

By Markirah Shaw,

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has said before that her favorite body feature is her breasts, and now she jokes that she wouldn’t turn down a multi-million dollar insurance plan for them.

Hewitt sat down with USA Today to chat about the season two premiere of her Lifetime series, The Client List. The show follows single mother-turned-prostitute Riley Parks as she works at a day spa with “extra benefits” to keep her family financially stable. Naturally the conversation turned to Hewitt’s revealing wardrobe that leaves hardly anything to the imagination.

Hewitt was asked if she was body-conscious around the plethora of men that come on set. She explained that her old crew from The Ghost Whisperer came to work on The Client List and said, “I’ve been in skimpy things in front of them for eight years. ... They’re not interested, they’re bored with it.”

She revealed that it was the male actors who were nervous about their nude-colored underwear and intimate scenes.

Hewitt has always been candid about her body. In 2012, she told Maxim Magazine that her best body part was her breasts. “They’ve always served me well. They’re good.”

So she didn’t bat an eyelash when USA Today brought up her famous assets. When asked whether she would insure her breasts, she pointed to her chest and said playfully, “These boobs are worth five million dollars!” However, she made the condition that someone would have to approach her about the insurance, not the other way around.

Hewitt's real-life confident sexuality transfers to her on-screen vixen role. Season two of The Client List airs tonight at 10/9c on Lifetime.



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