College dropout found dead with plans of a campus attack

By Steven Mitchell,

A college dropout at the University of Central Florida with plans of a campus attack is dead after a suicide.

According to CNN, 30-year-old James Oliver Seevakumaran was found dead in his dorm room after a self inflicting gunshot to his head, Monday. His body was found next to a backpack which contained explosives and weapons.

"While the crime scene processing was under way in that room, we found some notes and some writings that indicated that this was a planned attack," said UCF Police Chief Richard Beary.

Seevakumaran’s plan seems to have been set since February when he first made purchases of weapons and ammunition. In the room was a handgun, assault rifle, four bombs and a couple hundred rounds of ammo. A time line of Seevakumaran's plan was also found, including where he wanted to be and when he wanted to be there during the attack.

His plot was spoiled, however. A fire alarm went off at 12:20 a.m. in the dormitory and his roommate noticed him and his weapons. Seevakumaran pulled a gun on the roommate as he ran into a bathroom to dial 911.

The quick response from the authorities is what seems to have made Seevakumaran pull the gun on himself.

"It could have been a very bad day for everybody here,” said Beary. “All things considered, I think that we were very blessed here at the University of Central Florida.”

CBS reports Seevakumaran was arrested in 2006 because he was driving with a suspended license. Seevakumaran never reached out to campus counselors. Roommates say that Seevakumaran would show signs of anti-social behavior, but never anything violent.

Close to 500 students were safely evacuated from the dormitory, and classes at the university were canceled.



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