Comet is coming closer to Earth than ever before

By Alexi Knock,

A comet has been discovered that will come closer to Earth than ever before and can be seen from the Northern Hemisphere.

According to The Associated Press, the comet, called Pan-STARRS, passed within 100 million miles of Earth on Tuesday. This is the closest it has ever come to Earth. This weekend, the comet is predicted to come even closer to the sun and within the orbit of Mercury.

While the comet could already be seen from the Southern Hemisphere, now, people in the Northern Hemisphere will be able to catch a glance at the ice ball. The best day to look will be on Wednesday as the comet appears next to the moon at night.

Astronomer Tony Phillips told the AP that the comet will be easy to see with binoculars.

Phillips advised to “wait until the sun is fully below the horizon to scan for the comet in the darkening twilight.”

According to Space.com, the comet has been getting brighter and more visible each day this week.



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