'Community' recap: 'Advanced Documentary Film Making'

By Tori Kronz,
Exploring Changnesia

It has been expensive to care for Chang/Kevin’s Changnesia so the Dean is applying for a grant from a neurological institute. In order to get the grant, the Dean has Abed make a documentary about the condition. The viewer learns that Changnesia consists of a random assortment of symptoms meaning that he has forgotten random things.

Meanwhile, Jeff believes that Changnesia is a con and tries to argue his point to everyone, but even Shirley, who Jeff believes is the most sensible one in the group, has fallen for it and hired Chang/Kevin for her sandwich shop. Jeff decides he is going to expose Changnesia as a fraud by playing along and trying to get everyone to expose Chang/Kevin while preparing for the institute’s visit.

In order to throw the presentation, Jeff puts Pierce in charge. Pierce decides to do black face hand puppets for the entertainment portion. Shirley and Britta follow Chang/Kevin around to get his everyday life on tape. Annie and Troy are sent off to investigate where Chang/Kevin was before he was found and returned to Greendale. Shirley and Britta do not know how to work the camera, so they fail to take any footage on pupose and leave the camera running sitting on a counter for 12 hours. Annie and Troy find something interesting, though. When Chang/Kevin was found, he smelled like fish and there was a trout farm a half-an-hour away. Annie and Troy head up to the farm and the farmer tells them that in July he found Chang coming out of one of the trout tanks naked. He then gave him some clothes and sent him on his way. Annie is suspicious, though, because there was a spike in production in July and the farmer has no other employees. She gets Troy to break the farmer, since Troy has decided that in a partnership there is always one partner that disagrees. The farmer reveals that he had Chang/Kevin working there for free and that his dog’s name is Kevin.

Jeff is still trying to prove Chang/Kevin is lying and watches the footage Britta and Shirley took. He finds that Chang kept dialing one number repeatedly and hanging up before anyone could answer. The presentation for the institute begins and Jeff reveals that the number was Chang’s ex-wife and accuses Chang of remembering. Chang/Kevin replies that he found the number in the vents, where Chang used to live, and it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He never finished calling, because he could not be sure if the person would want to talk to Chang. The ex-wife and everyone else is touched, but Jeff still is not buying it. Jeff kisses Chang’s ex-wife to prove that Chang/Kevin remembers. Abed cuts off the feed then, since it is too embarrassing. Jeff is now a pariah and understands Chang/Kevin better. He still does not believe the amnesia, but wanting to move past being Chang makes sense to him.

The episode ends with Chang calling someone and asking for his next instructions, revealing that the Changnesia is clearly a hoax.



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