'Community' recap: 'Alternative History of the German Invasion'

By Tori Kronz,
The Germans in the Study Room

In “Alternative History of the German Invasion,” the German students return and attempt to take over the study room.

This episode begins with the study group going to their first history class of the semester. The Professor, played by Malcolm McDowell, wants them to focus on what history would have been like from the loser’s perspective. The German student lets out an evil laugh at this news.

When the study group gets to the study room, the Germans are at a small table in the corner because their usual study space in the café is closed for a film shoot. Annie wants to let them stay, since it is just a small part of the room. Jeff informs her that this is appeasement and when you give German’s something small, like Austria, they want something big, like the Earth. Annie convinces them, but Jeff’s prediction turns out to be correct and the next day the Germans are at the study group’s table.

Apparently there is a sign in sheet for the room and the Germans have a claim on the room. Annie declares war and for the next three days the study group gets up earlier and earlier to sign up for the room, but always end up with dilapidated rooms. In these rooms, Pierce gets electrocuted, everyone’s chairs collapse and there is a foul smell coming from a vent.

Jeff concocts a plan to get their room back and the group puts on an Oktoberfest. There are almost 100 red balloons, weird sausage and German chocolate cake. Jeff tries half-heartedly to convince them to bring the giant German chocolate cake back to the study room, but the lead German is on to him. He threatens to cut the cake right there. Troy pops out with a gas mask and asks if he should release the tear gas. The lead German takes a beer and the study group takes pictures of all three of the Germans participating in the Oktoberfest.

The Dean is not pleased, since Greendale is against people celebrating their own culture or heritage. These celebrations may lead to racism, after all. The Germans are not expelled, though, their access to certain amenities is just restricted. They do not have access to various water based things, but most importantly, they can no longer reserve the study room.

When the study group gets back to the study room, the rest of the students have staged a protest. For the past three years, the study group has monopolized the study room with their insane antics. They even show clips of a few of them. The group realizes that the Germans were not the Germans in the story they had been living, the study group was the Germans (making Jeff Hitler). It also turns out that they missed their test during this drama and all got Fs. Jeff decides that since they are the Germans, they must make reparations and fix the rooms they had been forced to study in the past few days.

While this battle is going on, a doctor brings Chang to the dean’s office. Chang has amnesia and thinks his name is Kevin. The Dean does not want Chang at the school, since he is a completely crazy person. However, the doctor paid the school so the Dean’s boss is making him take charge of Chang.

Since Chang is the least trustworthy person on the show, the Dean is convinced Chang is faking his amnesia (or Changnesia as he keeps calling it) and is determined to prove it. After a while the Dean still has not proved it and tells Chang why everyone is so uncomfortable with his presence. Chang is distraught and turns himself into the police. This act convinces the Dean that Chang has actually lost his memory and bails him out of jail. The episode ends with the Dean introducing Chang to the study group who all scream as Kevin introduces himself.



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