'The Daily Show' recap: 3/25/13

By Tori Kronz,
Israel, Gun Control, and Peter Dinklage

The March 25, 2013 episode of the Daily Show focused on President Obama’s trip to Israel, gun control and Game of Thrones with Peter Dinklage.

President Barack Obama took his first trip as president to Israel. Jon Stewart reported that Obama made the trip in order to express his support of Israel. Stewart showed some clips of him seeing the sights and being fed matzo by some robots. He also gave a speech advocating for a two-nation solution to the Israel and Palestine conflict. Stewart then asked why had no other president mentioned that before. He then played clips of former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush advocating the same solution.

President Obama, according to the news, apparently brokered a huge diplomatic victory, an apology between Israel and Turkey. Stewart then introduced Aasif Mandvi as the senior Middle East correspondent. Mandvi was supposed to be in the West Bank reporting on how the Palestinians reacted to this apology. They also discussed why Obama did not achieve anything towards the Palestinian and Israel conflict. Maybe Obama felt he needed to deal with Turkey before he could delve into the problems in the area.

The second segment was an update on gun control and violence. Stewart looked at what got done after the recent drive to get legislation put through. According to the clip he played, the only thing that has been accomplished is a weakening of gun control. Officials can no longer inspect gun seller’s stores in order to track stolen guns. The segment then moved to a special report by Al Madrigal. In the report, Madrigal interviewed David Saylors. Saylors saw the big danger of guns as their threat to hearing. He wants to deregulate silencers in order to protect people’s hearing. Ladd Everitt, the other person Saylors interviewed, disagreed. He said that people do not want silencers making gun violence stealthy near their homes. Saylors said that the regulations on silencers are so strenuous that they prevent people from obtaining them. He then tells Madrigal that gun regulation would not work.

The guest for this episode was Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones. They discussed the production of the show and Dinklage was hilarious. When Stewart asked where the show was filmed, Dinklage responded with Jersey, the majestic mountains of Jersey. Then he gave the real answer. This sort of joke continued throughout the interview. They ended by discussing something in New York that Dinklage is involved in called the 52nd Street project. Kids write short plays and famous actors perform them. Apparently Lewis Black is also teaching kids comedy, which sounds hilarious.

This episode was great! Especially the interview, but the whole thing was entertaining. It was probably the best episode in awhile, ignoring the two weeks off.



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