'The Daily Show' recap - 3/5/13

By Tori Kronz,
Boting Rights Act and Sandra Day O'Connor

The March 5, 2013 episode of The Daily Show focused on the economy, the Voting Rights Act and Sandra Day O’Connor.

The DOW industrial average was at an all time high and the people reporting this said it was a sign the economy was doing fine. Jon Stewart seemed to think that the DOW was not longer a relevant measure of the economy. Stewart said, according to Wall Street, it only took them five years to fix their gaping, self-inflicted wound. They have the healing power of Wolverine as well as Wolverine’s destructive power.

What else has the country arbitrarily fixed? Stewart suggests racism, since, as we have a Black president, we clearly must be past racism. Therefore, it makes sense that Shelby County, Alabama is leading the move to repeal the Voting Rights Act. The Voting Rights Act makes it so that states with a history of need to get changes to their election methods pre-approved by the federal government. Shelby County and others are arguing that racism is no longer a problem in these procedures and it should be removed. Stewart points out that the federal government has had to stop at least two id requirements and there are a number of states not covered under the Voting Rights Act that should be, since they have passed similar id requirements. The case recently went in front of the Supreme Court. Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s statement indicated she thought that failing to re-enact the law was ridiculous. Justice Antonin Scalia, however, called it a racial entitlement and said that Congress would never overturn something like this act since it would lose them votes.

Most of the episode consisted of Stewart’s interview with retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. O’Connor was promoting her new book, Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court. They talked about how the book is meant to give people a glimpse into the workings of the Supreme Court. They talked a bit about how the justices interact and how impressive she finds the fact that the Supreme Court is the only branch that has to explain every decision. Stewart asked her to gossip a bit, mostly who she thinks writes to the best and things like that, but she refused.

The episode was decent. I liked hearing a bit more about the Voting Rights Act issue and O’Connor’s interview was interesting. Nothing really stood out as really interesting though. There is no one part in the episode that I would recommend a person watch.



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