‘Dallas’ episode recap: 'The Furious and the Fast'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on John Ross and Sue Ellen smugly joining a disgruntled Christopher and Bobby in their first board meeting. Then, Pamela joined them. Christopher and Bobby declared they were yanking the lease, so there would be no more drilling on Southfork, unless John Ross and Sue Ellen gave up the shares they took from Elena in Ewing Energies. John Ross won't have it. Attention then turned to Pamela, who held the deciding vote. Christopher tried to sway her by showing off his new energy with the race car. He told her that he knew he could win the race against the standard fuel car and urged her to believe in him.

Shoot to Gary coming into the Ewing offices. John Ross wondered who let Uncle Gary “out of the cul-de-sac.” Words were exchanged and Gary wondered where JR was. John Ross explained that he was in Abu Dhabi closing oil leases. Gary then met with Bobby in his office. He told Bobby that Val had left him after he fell off the wagon and that the separation was costing him a fortune. Gary then said he needed to make sure Bobby's plan will work. Bobby assured him that it would and offered to float him a loan in the meantime. Later, Gary and Sue Ellen caught up in the break room. Sue Ellen warned Gary that if Bobby bankrupted the company he could end up with nothing. Gary replied that he knew that Bobby was the only one who had ever had his back. She then suggested that they go to the race together.

Shoot to another office. Christopher met with a woman, who was the transportation commissioner, about his natural energy plan. He told her that he wanted to show her committee what it can do at the race.

Shoot to Drew meeting up with Elena while she was running. He apologized for the mess he’d created, but Elena thanked him for saving her life. He replied that he wished he could have saved their father. He added that he still wanted to prove himself and needed to know if there was oil on their father's old land. He then said if there wasn’t, he would let it go. Elena promised to talk to Christopher.

Shoot to John Ross meeting Pamela in her office. She told him that she spoke to her father and they thought the company was stronger with both oil and alternative fuels. John Ross wasn’t happy hearing this, but she reminded him they were both just looking out for themselves.

Shoot to John Ross meeting with his investigator, who told him about Christopher's pit crew guy Denny, who seemed to have a penchant for the horses. John Ross went to see him at his home and offered to pay off his gambling debts if he did him a favor. Meanwhile, the investigator updated JR on the car and the dirt on Harris.

Shoot to Christopher returning home to update Elena on Pamela holding the deciding vote regarding Ewing Energies. She told Christopher that she didn't like it, but Christopher said she was a means to an end. He then promised Elena that she'd be back at Ewing in no time.

Shoot to Judith and Harris telling Emma that she was going back to London. She was clearly unhappy by the decision. Later, Emma met Ann at the stables. Emma told Ann a story about how controlling her grandmother is. Ann then asked her to go for a ride. Emma agreed and reveled in how free she felt there. Back at the house, Harris knew Emma was with Ann. Judith ordered him to keep control over Emma and said that she wouldn’t let him lose “their daughter.”

Shoot to after Christopher finished working on his car in the garage, Denny emerged from the shadows.

Shoot to Emma waking up in bed to Harris, who knew she was with her mother. She told him that she wanted to stay in Dallas to get to know Ann but Harris said he wouldn’t allow it. He then asked Emma if she'd been taking her meds for anxiety. She replied that she hadn't, so he handed her a pill. When Judith came for Emma to leave for their flight, she found Emma’s room empty. She railed at Harris for bringing Emma back and wondered what was so bewitching about Ann. She kept pushing until Harris grabbed her and said he loved Ann because she wasn't her.

Shoot to Elena and Drew laying the groundwork to drill for oil. The first day left Drew encouraged. He wanted to buy back the land from the Ewings and asked her to go into business with him.

Shoot to Ewing Energies. Sue Ellen received a bunch of letters from JR that were from when they were courting. There was a new one in there, but she wouldn’t open it.

Shoot to everyone gathered at the track for the race. As it got started, Sue Ellen flirted with Gary, who wondered why she was being so nice to him all of a sudden. After a solid start, Christopher's car started having problems. He scrambled to fix it, as John Ross nodded at Denny. Christopher got his car back in action and won the race.

Shoot to Christopher, who after celebrating with his crew, talked with the transportation commissioner, who thought he was golden with the committee. Pamela threw her support behind Christopher because it was the right decision for the company. John Ross glowered. Then, Christopher demanded Elena's shares back, but John Ross wouldn’t back down. Christopher replied that his greed will be his downfall and he’d only have himself to blame.

Shoot to Bobby and Ann returning home to find Emma, who told them that she wanted to stay there. Ann replied, "Welcome home."

Shoot to John Ross alone in his office. He received a call from JR. John Ross relayed the bad news, but says there was a play to be made. JR told him that he already has a plan. “It will be my masterpiece,” JR told John Ross. JR then said that he thought that John Ross shouldn’t have to pay for his sins and that he was proud of his son. John Ross was touched, but then he heard gunshots. He then screamed, "Dad!" into the phone.



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