‘Dallas’ episode recap: 'Guilt and Innocence'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open after the rig has exploded. John Ross and Christopher free Pamela, who was trapped by a beam.

Shoot to the hospital. Pamela was the most severely hurt. Sue Ellen comforted John Ross as Christopher checked on Elena. Meanwhile, Bobby found Ann. She begged his forgiveness about keeping Emma from him. He told her that he already forgave her and that he loves her. Then, Carmen and Drew arrived and found Elena. She told them about the explosion and Drew left to get air. Later, Harris pulled Emma aside and told her about Judith’s fall. He then said that he misses her. "I know," she said before walking off.

Shoot to Drew going to the warehouse and attacking Cliff’s man Roy, who denied setting off the bomb. He then blamed Drew for making a mistake and then encouraged him to leave town in the morning and get his head straight.

Shoot to Pamela’s doctor pulling Christopher in her room and telling him that Pamela’s condition was serious. She told him that they needed to do surgery or Pamela would die and then suggested that they terminate the pregnancy to save Pamela’s life. Pamela begged Christopher not to allow it. Later, Bobby and Elena found Christopher in the chapel and gave him news of surgeons coming who could help. Christopher then told them that he blamed himself for pushing the presentation too early. He then added that he was sure it must have been a gas explosion but Bobby thought there could be another answer and told Christopher that investigation was underway.

Shoot to Harris sitting with Judith in her hospital room and telling her she now has a metal plate in her leg. She replied that she wanted her Oxycontin every three hours on the dot. He then apologized for leading them on the path to Ann. He added that he was weak like his father. Judith then said she was glad Ann gave them Emma and demanded he repair the rift between them. If he did, she would give him full pardon.

Shoot to the hall. Emma offered John Ross something to loosen him up. Then, Harris walked up and instead asked her to go see Judith. Emma agreed. John Ross was told he could see Pamela. She wondered if this was karma. He just thought that bad things happen. Suddenly Pamela’s mother Afton arrived, John Ross had called her. She asked to be alone with Pamela and accused her decision to follow her father for getting her in this position. Outside, Sue Ellen was livid that John Ross called Afton. Then, Someone from TESHA came by and questioned Christopher about the explosion. Bobby dismissed the investigator until they had a lawyer. John Ross blamed Christopher for the explosion while Afton was listening to the whole exchange. Later, Sue Ellen joined John Ross in the waiting room and told him that Ewing Energy was their shared liability so they had to stick together. She then told him that an old friend of hers, Ken Richards, was one of the chairs of TESHA and she would work on getting an inside source on the investigation.

Shoot to Emma visiting Judith in her hospital room. Judith told her that Harris tried to kill her. She then said that would give Emma the company if she went with her back to England. Then, Harris walked in and tried to calm Judith down as a nurse sedated her. Emma was horrified and told Harris that Judith was out to get him. "I know," he replied.

Shoot to Sue Ellen meeting Ken at a bar. He hoped she wasn’t calling just to manipulate the investigation. She said that she would gladly take any information but thought it was serendipitous that the current circumstances gave her the courage to pick up the phone to see him again.

Shoot to Afton singing to Pamela and John Ross in her room when Christopher and Elena come in. Then, Afton asked to speak to them outside and proceeded to blame Christopher for the explosion. Inside, Pamela’s aneurism began to rupture and she was rushed to surgery. Afton begged them to save Pamela, but Christopher demanded that they save the babies first because it was what Pamela wanted. Then, John Ross told Christopher that if Pamela died it was on his head. Emma tried to distract John Ross in the waiting room, but he wanted to stay for Pamela. Later, Pamela’s doctor came out and told them that both Pamela and the babies made it through surgery. Afton then asked to see Pamela alone. Later, Christopher told Pamela he was glad she was okay. Crying, she asked him if the explosion was his fault and he didn’t deny it.

Shoot to Emma finding Drew packing at his place and asked if he was leaving. He told her it was just for a couple of days but she didn’t believe him. He then told her that he thought she deserved someone better than him. She replied that she knew no one was perfect and kissed him. He woke up beside her in his bed the next morning and looked at his empty suitcase.

Shoot to Drew meeting Roy at his warehouse and telling him that he wasn’t leaving. He then threatened to take Roy down with him if he ever told anyone about his involvement in the rig explosion.

Shoot to Emma going to the hospital to visit Judith, but Harris had sent her somewhere else. He then told Emma they were both finally safe from her. Meanwhile, Judith was heavily medicated in an ambulance on her way to a facility.

Shoot to Bobby getting a package at home about the investigation he was working on. He then told Ann that JR was looking for Pam – Christopher’s mother. He tells Ann that he found out that Pam went to Abu Dhabi in 1989, where her passports expired. Bobby then said he was going to go look for her. Ann replied that she thought he was done with Pam. “So did I,” he replied.

Shoot to Ken visiting Sue Ellen in her office and telling her that a recording picked up two explosions and that he was sure they would find explosives on the rig.

Shoot to the hospital. Christopher was surprised when John Ross blamed Cliff for the explosion. John Ross said he was sure that Cliff wanted to devalue the company. Then, they hear a code blue call in neonatal and rush to Pamela’s room. They watched as the heart rates dropped on both babies. One baby flat lines, then the other.



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