'Dallas' episode recap: 'JR’s Masterpiece'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Bobby, Sue Ellen, Christopher and John Ross in a helicopter, looking somber, as they land in Mexico. They meet Sgt. Ruiz, who leads them inside the hotel and tells him that it appears JR was shot during a burglary. John Ross insists JR was in Abu Dhabi, but she tells them he arrived in Mexico from Abu Dhabi two nights ago for “quail hunting.” She then adds that the local cartels have grown in recent years but Bobby refuses to believe JR would deal with them. In addition, John Ross refuses to believe JR was killed by a mugger either and then asks that they be taken to the body.

Shoot to the morgue. It’s piled with bodies and one of them is JR. Sue Ellen starts to cry. Later, Bobby turns on John Ross, who swears all he knows was that JR said he had a plan that was to be his masterpiece then John Ross said he heard the gunshots. Bobby then sees Carlos, who promises to find out what JR was doing in Mexico and personally stay by JR’s side until his body is delivered him home.

Shoot to Emma brushing her horse at Southfork when Ryland pulls up. He apologizes and promises to let her visit her mom as much as she wants if she comes home. She is offended by his choice of words and Ann asks him to leave before she calls the cops. He wonders if she’ll shoot him again when Drew appears and flashes his gun and pipes up that he’ll shoot him if he doesn’t leave. Before he leaves, Ryland tells Ann to let Bobby know he has no idea what he has started. After, Bobby and the rest arrive back from Mexico. Gary is there and says he doesn’t know how to feel about JR’s death and goes to hug Bobby but he brushes him off and goes to his office.

Shoot to Sue Ellen finding John Ross in JR’s room. He tells her that he will not rest until he finds out what JR’s master plan was. She then tells John Ross that she’s going to keep working on Gary to get the oil turned back on, “There’s no reason to stop business because JR is gone.” John Ross is shocked at screams at her for her callousness about JR’s death and leaves. Alone, she looks at an envelope addressed to her, then at the booze in JR’s room.

Shoot to the wake at Southfork. Ray and Lucy swap JR stories and try to comfort Bobby, but he acts cold and distant. He moves on to Dallas bigwigs Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban and Mayor Mike Rawlings, who all share stories about JR. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen chats about being married to him with his other exes, Cally and Mandy. They all agree that he was “bad as hell but as hot as they come” and admire Sue Ellen for making her peace with JR. She admits it was easy after all of his lying and cheating. Later, John Ross sees Pamela and accuses her of putting her father ahead of their deal. She tells him that she cares about him but he says all she cares about is the deal and storms off. He gets even angrier as he hears people talking about how JR died. He then catches Emma alone with a bottle of Clonazepam. He takes one and she takes one too.

Shoot to back downstairs as Sue Ellen tells Gary she has never wanted a drink more. Suddenly, Cliff Barnes busts in to loudly pay his disrespects. John Ross then accuses him of killing JR. He replies that he wishes he had and says that without JR there was nothing keeping him from taking the Ewings down. Pamela gets him to leave, but another drunk well-wisher pipes up that JR was a “prick.” John Ross moves to knock him out but Christopher stops him and says, “I got this cousin.” Then, he knocks him out and a full-on brawl breaks out.

Shoot to after the wake as Christopher promises to help John Ross avenge JR’s death. Ann brings Bobby a drink as Carlos and his affiliates arrive. Sgt. Ruiz is with him, as well as the medical examiner. They confirm that JR was the victim of a robbery and the killer is likely never to be found. John Ross screams “Bullsh*t” and leaves. Emma follows him outside, he asks her if she’s “high” and then they have sex in the back seat of a car. Back inside, Bobby and Ann get ready for bed and she begs him to talk to her. He then snaps about her omission about her daughter. He adds that he has been very tolerant of her but she has made him feel “isolated and insignificant.” She replies that she’ll do anything to make things right but he walks away.

Shoot to Sue Ellen letting herself into JR’s room and then she opens the letter he left her, but slugs down a drink before reading it, then she just keeps drinking.

Shoot to the family gathered at the gravesite for the funeral, talking turns to speak. Christopher spoke about not being a “blood Ewing” and how JR “as the gatekeeper of that honor” never really let him in except when he was a little boy and his mom left. Then, Sue Ellen spoke of meeting JR when she was Miss Texas and falling hopelessly in love with the “charming scoundrel. But he was enough to drive a girl to drink.” She then revealed that she got drunk the night before to read a letter he left her. She reads it to them now. It says how he loved her the moment he saw her and loved her now more than he ever did. It also said that when he got back to Dallas he wanted to have dinner with her. “Yes,” she says as she says that he was the love of her life and then she breaks down by his casket. Bobby takes her back to her seat and then he speaks. He says that, “It has always been easy for me to do good because I could count on JR to do bad. Now I’m lost.” JR was then lowered into the ground.

Shoot to after the funeral. When everyone was gone, John Ross sat alone while Christopher watched over him. Then, Bum showed up with a message for John Ross from JR and hands over a box.

Shoot back to Southfork. Bum tells everyone that JR really was in Abu Dhabi closing an oil deal. He then adds that he was also trying to find Christopher’s mother, Pam and that he was in Mexico following a lead on Harris Ryland. Bum then adds that JR knew what he was investigating was dangerous and wanted them to have these things. He then hands over a case to John Ross. It has a gun in it, with a note that tells him if he was reading it he was dead, that Cliff would be coming after them and he would bet his last nickel Barnes and Harris will join forces to destroy them. The notes also tells John Ross to use what he has given them to take from Cliff what he has taken from the Ewings and that when he has done that Bobby will know what to do. Bum then gives Bobby a separate letter. Bobby reads it silently and pulls Bum aside. He tells Bum to pay off whoever he has to so that it still appears JR was killed by a mugger. “And when the time comes they will take care of this as a family,” Bobby tells Bum.

Shoot to Bobby going into JR’s room and pouring himself a big drink. “I knew you had another one up his sleeve, and it’s a good one,” Bobby says as he drinks.

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