‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: Week Two Performances

By Michael Pascua,
Speed was important as the celebrities tackled either the Quickstep, Jive, or Jazz.

Speed was important as the celebrities tackled the Quickstep, Jive, or Jazz.

Ingo & Kim - Quickstep - Kym emphasized how nonstop the Quickstep is, but to still maintain holding the frame. She also wanted Ingo to have a haughty attitude. His frame wasn't the best and he looked like he was being dragged around during several turns. For someone who does a lot of outdoor sports, Ingo couldn't hold his arms up for a minute.Ingo's smile wasn't one of confidence--it was forced, as though he was trying to cover up how much he thought about his choreography. The dance had style, but it wasn't enough to cover up his poor footwork.

Len thought he improved, though his footwork needed help. Bruno appreciated Kym's choreography, but Ingo missed a few moments. Carrie Ann thought the frame was the problem as his elbows dropped. Score: 20 (6,7,7)

Dorothy & Tristan - Jive - Dorothy was most terrified about the Jive because of the high energy level required, and before they could even practice, Dorothy's ankle was causing her trouble. To accommodate Dorothy's injury, Tristan had to create different ways to teach her, including using video and a substitute partner. Dorothy clearly had to dance with flats as she tried her best to put as much of the choreography into the routine. There were moments where Tristan had to drag her into place. She basically looked like she would topple over at any moment.

Bruno knew it was brave for her to dance, but her footing was awful; he suggested strengthening her core. Carrie Ann loved her quality of movement, but her fear was the biggest problem. Len thought there was promise, but no delivery. Score: 15 (5,5,5)

Jacoby & Karina - Jazz - Jacoby tends to be silly during practice. Karina decided to bring a class of little girls to help him focus, but it didn't seem to do much. The silly trench coat opening was cute, but from watching the routine, it was hard to tell exactly which part of "Jazz" Karina was channeling. It looked much more like a Charleston or even a mild version of a Jitterbug, but according to Carrie Ann's explanation, it was passable as Jazz. Jacoby's side-by-side dancing could have been stronger, but he made sure all the lifts were correctly achieved.

Carrie Ann thought the routine rocked. Len enjoyed watching the dance because jazz fit Jacoby's personality. Bruno thought it was stylistic and energetic. Score: 23 (8,7,8)

Victor & Lindsay - Jive - Lindsay tried to teach some basics to Victor, but he worried about his coordination. Victor turned his frustration into anger towards Lindsay. She tried her best to emphasize that they needed time to learn. Lindsay was trying her best to overcompensate for Victor's shortcomings. Victor messed up a few holds and his movement looked chaotic.

Len thought there was energy, but it lacked sharpness or cleanliness. Bruno said the style disappeared because of all the energy; he needed precision and frame. Carrie Ann thought that he was a good entertainer, but his footwork was awful. Score: 18 (6,6,6)

Wynona & Tony - Quickstep - Wynona said she had fun last week, but this week she was worried about the Quickstep. Wynona was physically exhausted and it turned to tears from the stress. The opening was a little silly, but it helped Wynona get into character. The routine felt really sluggish in the beginning, but Wynona tried to keep frame and her kick sequence was nice. It seemed that Wynona could extend her arms out more, which would make her quality of movement look better.

Bruno loved the concept, but it felt too casual by the end of the routine. Carrie Ann thought her frame and posture were strong, but she needed to take more risks. Len liked the entertainment, but the routine was too slow and lacked body contact. Score: 18 (6,6,6)

Zendaya & Val - Jive - The biggest issue that Zendaya had was dancing with heels. Val had to worry about her height and the length of her legs could be a growing problem. The routine had tons of energy and attack. Zendaya danced with confidence and clearly learned the choreography quickly so she could spend time tweaking the performance.

Carrie Ann thought she killed the routine. Len thought she was going to be back next week. Bruno thought her lines were breathtaking, and that she's setting a high standard. Score: 26 (9,8,9)

Andy & Sharna - Jazz - The couple got Jazz, and Sharna allowed Andy to be more creative with his choreography. The concept helped Andy get into character, but the movements were a bit silly even for Lady GaGa's standards. At least Andy put all his heart into his routine, unlike some of his competitors.

Len thought the routine was fun, and that Andy was committed to the dance. Bruno said it was outlandish and he loved it. Carrie Ann was happy that he could be wacko and demented for the routine. Score: 20 (7,6,7)

Sean & Peta - Jive - Peta worried about speed and choreography. Sean appreciated Peta's teaching even though she screamed at him the whole time. The concept was an interesting way to use the projectors, and the routine was filled with choreography. Sean did better than last week, but he still looks like a little boy that's screaming, "Look at me dance!" The choreography is there, but it lacks any quality or entertainment value.

Bruno likes the charm, but noted the routine looked more like a Lindy Hop. Carrie Ann thought it was solid, but he needed to work on musicality. Len didn't get the dance, the theme took over the Jive dancing. Score: 20 (7,6,7)

Aly & Mark - Quickstep - Mark was happy to see Aly pick up the choreography, but she struggled keeping character throughout the routine. The two started dancing with no silly gimmicks and went straight into the routine. The choreography covered a lot of floor work and had different types of flicks. Mark over-dances at times, but it worked in this routine.

Carrie Ann thought it was the best Quickstep of the night. Len thought Aly's head was too far to the left but well done. Bruno loved how she skimmed the floor, and felt her personality was growing. Score: 24 (8,8,8)

Lisa & Gleb - Jive - Gleb decided to channel his inner Russian this week in order to improve their scores. Lisa was worried about her physicality. He tried to tell her that she had potential and wanted to push her further. Lisa was giving a valiant effort in the routine, but Gleb gave her some easy choreography and she wasn't pushing herself. Lisa's kicks were higher than expected.

Len thought the routine was bumpy, and said she was wooden at points. Bruno thought she needed to place her body in the correct areas. Carrie Ann warned Gleb of lifts, and while she appreciated the refinement, Carrie Ann thought Lisa needed more oomph. Score: 18 (6,6,6)

D.L. & Cheryl - Quickstep - D.L. was humiliated last week and stressed out learning this week's moves. He started to flip out about the movements that Cheryl gave him. The next day the two tried to talk about their problems and continued to work harder. D.L. started the routine on the judges table, but quickly got into hold. The dance was light-years better than his Cha-Cha, but because he was put in hold the whole time, Cheryl could just drag him around whenever she needed to. The body contact was weak, but at least there was an attempt made.

Bruno said he saw that D.L. worked hard on the routine, but he needed to work on his body. Carrie Ann saw that he put the work in, and he was on the right track. Len saw an improvement over last week. Score: 16 (5,5,6)

Kellie & Derek - Jazz - Kellie was worried that she'd get a Broadway routine, but instead Derek suggested a more contemporary routine. Derek was worried that he was pushing boundaries too much. The two started with an assisted run and after that the quality of the choreography was incredible. Derek took a risk and it worked perfectly. Kellie kept up with the whole routine and looked effortless.

Carrie Ann thought the routine was amazing. Len loved that Kellie created a fire. Bruno thought it was a smash, and the modern jazz was technically superb. Score: 26 (9,8,9)

Total Scores

Zendaya & Val - 50
Kellie & Derek - 47
Aly & Mark - 45
Jacoby & Karina - 43
Ingo & Kym - 40
Sean & Peta - 39

Andy & Sharna - 37
Lisa & Gleb - 36
Wynona & Tony - 36
Victor & Lindsay - 36
Dorothy & Tristan - 36
D.L. & Cheryl - 28

With an eight point deficit, it's unlikely that D.L. will get close to survival. I think the dancers with a weaker fan base and lower scores (Victor, Lisa, and Andy) can still inch their way past D.L. this week, but they should be worried in the future.



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