Dave Grohl gives keynote speech at SXSW before performing at show

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
The Foo Fighters frontman talks about coming up as a musician

Dave Grohl gave a spirited Keynote speech to a room of people at South by Southwest Festival Thursday, talking to people about the life and dedication that comes with being a successful working musician.

According to Austinist, Grohl spoke to about 2,500 people for 55-minutes.

Grohl gave a thank you shoutout to Edgar Winter for inspiring him to pick up a dusty guitar in the corner of his room. He said it wasn't a poppy hook on the radio that made him fall in love with music, but rather a guitar riff by Winter.

"I was left to my own devices and devoted every waking hour to playing music. It became my religion. The record store my church. The rock stars my saints, and their songs my hymns," according to a transcription of the speech in Rolling Stone.

He gave a poetic ode to his musical heroes, and talked about the dues he was paying coming up as a band at a high school show and then hitting the road, first in Chicago and then getting into the punk music scene in Washington D.C.



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