David Bowie tops album charts again

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
Bowie's album, 'The Next Day' is number one in numerous countries already, and U.S. numbers will be out this week.

David Bowie, 20 years after his last chart-topping album, has done it again in the U.K., according to the new numbers on album sales released this weekend.

In the first week of its release in Britain, Bowie's latest album, The Next Day sold 94,000 copies, according to a report in the Guardian Sunday. It is the fastest selling album of 2013 in the U.K.

The album, which was released March 8, is number one in numerous other European countries. According to the Atlantic Wire, the new album has yet to appear on U.S. charts since the numbers have yet to be released, but it is expected to be a close race between Bowie and the new Bon Jovi album, What About Now.

According to the report, the latest Billboard 200 is due out Wednesday, and current data seems to indicate that Bon Jovi will outsell Bowie by about 90,000 to 80,000. The Guardian Reports that in the U.K. Bowie outsold Bon Jovi two-to-one.

So far, Bowie's comeback album has gotten kind reviews by various publications, and has been received well among many of his fans.



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