Deion Sanders' wife calls husband steroid user in child custody hearing

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
The arguments and allegations over who should get the kids has gotten very ugly.

Ex-pro football and baseball player Deion Sanders is having a very nasty set of divorce proceedings play out publicly in court this week. Some of the allegations reportedly infuriated Sanders so much that he got up and left the courtroom.

At one point in court this week, Pilar Sanders and her lawyer presented allegations that her husband was a steroid user, presenting a photo of anabolic steroids in their bathroom to the jury.

Local stations and papers in Dallas have been covering the proceedings extensively. According to the Dallas Morning News, the two are settling a custody dispute in front of a jury to determine the custody of their three children.

CBS’ Dallas-Fort Worth station reports his wife claims that Sanders kept steroids and an Uzi sub-machine gun in the bathroom in plain view of their children, and claims he is endangering them.

Upon the steroid accusation, Sanders reportedly stormed out of the courtroom. He maintains that his wife was the person that used steroids, and the ones in the photo belonged to her.



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