Dennis and Kimberly Quaid back together but officially divorced

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Dennis and Kimberly Quaid are back together after they signed their divorce papers, but are legally not married anymore.

They had previously signed the divorce agreement, and judge was reportedly going through the documents, when they had a change of heart, TMZ reported.

Although they are back together, it is unclear whether they were going to remarry once the divorce is finalized.

A close source linked to the pair told the outlet last October that Kimberly had finally had it with Dennis, "Kimberly is fed up with Dennis' cheating and wants out of the marriage. He's not a good husband."

This was not the first heart-change the pair ever experienced. In March 2012, Kimberly filed for divorce, but withdrew the petition two months later.

It was pretty clear that despite Dennis' affairs, he still cares about Kimberly.

Earlier this month, he bought a $3.1 million Pacific Palisades mansion for Kimberly and thir twins, The Huffington Post reported.

What more was, he put his and Kimberly's name on the deed.



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