Dick Cheney documentary out Thursday will profile the controversial figure's life and work

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
This will reportedly be an in-depth profile with interviews of his life in Washington and business.

Dick Cheney has a new documentary coming out this week about his long career in public and corporate service and public corporate service spanning across many decades.

The World according to Dick Cheney will premiere Thursday night on Showtime, profiling the life and work of the former vice president, chief of staff and oil company CEO.

In a Vanity Fair article about the new documentary, Cheney is quoted going back to the doom and gloom reality that we face against terrorists and Islamic fascists. He continues to defend his controversial methods for extracting information from captives.

According to the Vanity piece, he holds steadfast to many of his stances and beliefs he has implemented while in power. He reaffirms that he would never have hesitated to sacrifice several lives if he felt it would save a more numerous amount.

In the trailer, when asked by an interviewer about his favorite virtue, Cheney simply answers “integrity.” When asked if he could point out his faults, he gave a long pause and answered “I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my faults.”

Showtime advises viewers of some of the Cheney profile’s content. There is no surprise in having listed violence, but nudity comes as a surprise.



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